Seniors who are doing well in their course work may enroll in 500-level courses for undergraduate credit or graduate credit, if approved by the instructor and the student's major advisor (for math majors, this is the math faculty advisor).  In addition, Juniors and Seniors in the Honors College may enroll in 500-level courses for undergraduate honors credit - see our honors page for more information.  Math majors who are interested in doing so should first speak to their math faculty advisor.  

NOTE: Graduate credit is unlikely to be useful for undergraduate students.  There are very few circumstances where they will be of greater value than undergraduate credits for the same courses.

Seniors who wish to enroll in 500-level courses must complete the Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Course form and turn it in to the Registrar's Office, Admin 210. Please read the form carefully; keep in mind that courses taken for graduate credit do not count toward units or other requirements for the undergraduate degree.

Beginning in Summer 2015, a signature from the Graduate College is no longer required.