Math 116 has several prerequisites:

ONE of :

  • MIS 111 (Management Information Systems) OR 
  • ABE 120 (Agric & Biosystems Engin)


ONE of:

  • Sufficient math placement score (ALEKS PPL 60-100% or Prep for Calculus 65-100%, Prep for College Algebra 88-100%)  OR
  • Completion of UA Math 109C OR Math 112

Typical reasons for not being able to enroll:

  • The student's math placement score has expired. To check your current math placement score and date, please go to
  • Student is registered in MIS 111 or ABE 120 in the same intended semester as Math 116 (MIS 111/ABE 120 must be completed BEFORE Math 116 begins.)
  • Student is taking a similar class to MIS 111 at another institution while trying to enroll in Math 116 for the following semester (we need to see an unofficial transcript showing completion of the course before you can enroll in UA Math 116)