Our department does not use permission numbers, but you should not need one before the class begins.

Department permission is required for the following:

  • Trying to add Math 100 in the Fall semester.  For incoming Freshman, in the Fall, Math 100 is part of the Schedule for Success program, and you must be enrolled in the program to register for Math 100.  Email Cassandra Hirdes at scheduleforsuccess@email.arizona.edu to enroll in the program.  If you are not an incoming Freshman, email academics@math.arizona.edu to request enrollment in Math 100.
  • Trying to add any class via UAccess after it has closed down for adding classes (typically 8 days after the start of the semester).  To add a class after this time, please see the instructor of the class you wish to add, and obtain a signed departmental permission form.  (Instructors will not sign a Change of Schedule form.)