There are several reasons why a student might see a registration hold (that is, a hold which prevents a student from adding any more classes):

  • Bursar's Hold: Usually this is due to a past-due balance. Student should contact the Bursar's office immediately at (520) 621-3232 to try to settle the account and have the hold removed.
  • Immunization Hold: Student Health will put a hold on registration if you have not shown proof of current immunizations. Student should contact Student Health or see for more information.
  • Mandatory Advising Hold: Academic Advisors may place registration holds if they want the student to meet with their advisor prior to registration. Student should contact their academic advisor ASAP. They can usually find their academic advisor's name in UAccess, on the panel on the right-hand side.
  • Dean of Students Hold: Contact the Dean of Students Office at (520) 621-7057 or see
  • Residence Life - Overdue Sanctions: If you have any questions regarding the overdue sanction process, please call Residence Life at 520-626-6015.

Registration holds usually only affect adding or swapping classes. Students should still be able to drop classes.