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2.1. Independent Study or Directed Research

Students enrolling in Individual Studies courses (DATA/MATH 199, 199H, 299, 299H, 392, 399, 399H, 492, 498, 498H, 499, or 499H) must complete and submit a proposal form describing the project they will be earning credit for.  The work must be mathematical or statistical in nature to receive MATH or DATA credit (for non-mathematical/statistical work, credit may be earned under the TLS prefix).  The form is to be signed by the student, their project advisor, and their major (faculty) advisor.

The form for Preceptorship, Directed Research, Independent Study (including Honors), Senior Capstone, and Honors Thesis is available at the Academic Services Office window, room 108 on the ground floor of the Math building. If you are studying remotely, please contact for assistance.

Enrollment in Internship courses (DATA/MATH 293, 393, 493) requires a specialized Internship Work Plan form. Click here for internship policies and guidelines, and to download the form.


Individual Studies Course Types and Grading

See also the Catalog policies on house numbered courses and grading:

S/P/F grades are NOT included in the GPA.







391, 491

391: A, B, C, D, E  regular grades;

491: S, P, F  alternative grades

Used for UTA programs

Directed Research

392, 492

A, B, C, D, E  regular grades



293, 393, 493

S, P, F  alternative grades

Internship Work Plan required for enrollment

Independent Study

199, 299, 399, 499

S, P, F  alternative grades


Honors Independent Study

199H, 299H, 399H, 499H

A, B, C, D, E  regular grades

Honors College students only

Senior Capstone


A, B, C, D, E  regular grades


Honors Thesis


A, B, C, D, E  regular grades

Honors College students only; must complete two (2) semesters of 498H to graduate with honors


Determining the level of an individual studies course: 

The faculty member who is mentoring the individual studies course decides on the level at their sole discretion.  Some general guidelines: 

  • 100 level should be used for projects with no prerequisite college math/sds courses or knowledge, 

  • 200 level where the prerequisite knowledge/courses are 100 level (e.g. Calculus 1 or 2), 

  • 300 level where the prerequisite is 200 level (math 223 - vector calculus, math 254 level ODEs), and 

  • 400 level for courses with 300 or 400 level prerequisites. 

Mathematical maturity may also be a consideration, and faculty should feel free to use their judgment.


Note that if a Math or SDS major or minor wishes to use an individual studies course to satisfy degree requirements, they should check with the Math Center (Laurie or Michelle) to see if that is possible.



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